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Diane is one of those rare facilitators who quickly understands and respects what your group is trying to accomplish, is comfortable and flexible with unexpected developments, firm about responsible use of group time, and still comes through as leader in a way that is friendly, warm, and fun. Sister Claire McGowan O.P. Louisville, KY

While living in Liberia, Diane witnessed the military coup d’état, served as a midwife, and owned a business. The integration of these experiences with her formal studies inspires the framework she uses to coach, design and facilitate learning opportunities that encourage individuals to unlock their purpose, passion, and power.

The African proverb “it is not where you are but what you do there that matters”, drives Diane’s passion to encourage individuals to dream and believe that their dreams can come true. Diane participated in the 2012 United Nations Commission on the Status of Women to research a book that will publish in 2014.

An Accomplished Leader Diane is an author, speaker, award-winning nonprofit executive, and management consultant. She is a 2010 YWCA of Greater Cincinnati Career Woman of Achievement. Diane is a visionary leader with more than 20 years of experience in organization development, leadership development, executive coaching, and women’s empowerment. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati, and certifications in Organization Development, Strategic Leadership Development, and Leading Learning Organizations.

Thembi Speaks, LLC  is a management-consulting firm launched by Diane Jordan. The values that form the philosophy of Thembi Speaks are rooted in the wisdom that purpose, passion, and persistence are integral to creating and sustaining business outcomes and the results individuals want in every aspect of life.

Through writing, speaking, coaching and management consulting offerings of Thembi Speaks, Diane facilitates learning and change in teams, and gives voice to those who want to create an alternate future for themselves, their organization, and the world.


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Inspirational stories with action plans to get you back in the driver's seat!

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"An unforgettable drama that is as alive today as when it occurred." 
--Peter Block, Author of Community: The Structure of Belonging



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