Who is                                  Thembi Speaks?

Diane Jordan – Thembi Speaks – is an expert in organizational learning and development offering management consulting, executive coaching, keynote speaking and large and small group facilitation. 

Diane launched Thembi Speaks LLC to be a catalyst in bringing about an alternate future in personal and organizational life. Our goal is to inspire individuals and teams to lead from aspiration, increase accountability and decision-making, and deliver sustainable results. 

The values that form the philosophy of Thembi Speaks are rooted in the wisdom that purpose, passion, and persistence are integral to creating and sustaining business outcomes and the results individuals want in every aspect of life. 

Are You Riding in the Back Seat of Your Own Dream?



Diane's book Are You Riding in the Back Seat of Your Own Dream? is a metaphor for feeling stuck and not moving forward with your dreams and aspirations. This book brings together personal interviews of women from diverse occupations and lifestyles. 

The insightful lessons are for anyone who still believes in dreams coming true but may have been dissuaded into believing it is too late, and for those who still have passion and just need encouragement to go ahead and live their dreams.

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"An unforgettable drama that is as alive today as when it occurred." 
--Peter Block, Author of Community: The Structure of Belonging



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